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Fergie's Hut - Bewaldeth

We are Paul and Karen – not forgetting Bob, the Jack Russell, and we live at High Gate Farm, Bewaldeth…….

Although we are no longer farming, we are still involved in agriculture and remain an active part of the farming community here.

Fergie's Hut was Karen’s idea. It is a nod to the sheep farming heritage here in the Parish. We are surrounded by farming, sheep, cows and wildlife. It’s so named as it was pulled on site with one of Paul’s classic old tractors, a 1957 Ferguson 35.

Designed by Karen, creativity by Karen, frame and infrastructure built by Paul, the hut is tucked under the south side of Binsey. The summit sports a fine 360 degree panoramic view over the Solway Estuary, Scotland, the Isle of Man, the Pennines and the Lake District.

We are located at the very Northern end of the Lake District, away from the hustle, bustle and volume of visitors elsewhere in the National Park. Fergies Hut is a cosy, relaxing getaway for a couple who have exculsive use of its facilities. People often comment on its restfulness.

Its been a long journey with both global and life interventions along the way, but finally we are so glad to be able to welcome visitors for 2024, and hope you can STOP, RELAX, REFUEL, ENJOY & CHILL in this crazy world!

Paul & Karen are usually buzzing around somewhere keeping things up to speed, and look forward to meeting you!

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Karen is the creative design force behind Fergie's Hut.

Her objective was to create a stylish accommodation, but with a delightful sense of quirkiness, that makes this place different from most others. It's the little touches that make all the difference.

A place where people can relax and chill out in - and that's Karen all over! And her garden is simply gorgeous!



Paul has a background in agriculture and is passionate about all things "Lake District" and it's natural surroundings. He's lived in Cumbria for over 30 years and is an active part of the local farming community.

His passion these days is renovating classic vintage tractors and walking the Northern Fells with Karen and Bob. What he doesn't know about the North Lakes, isn't worth knowing!



Bob is the star of the show.

She is such a cutie and helps keep us sane, when the World around is going crazy. Great company on long walks up on Binsey and the Northern Fells.

The Fergie's Hut area is fenced and is a "Bob free" zone. Everywhere else – she potters around wherever the fancy takes her.

Call Paul or Karen on 07808 063339 or email

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